Rape is most Common!

Every word in this post as my personal opinion not based on medical search or relate on a religious base.

07:00 AM Sunday, (I was felt good).

I switch on the TV and sit for watching. And saw the new caster is very loud mention again and again this is a piece of Breaking news from ABCD.

A 30 years man rape a 10-year child girl. I shocked and switch off the TV. My holiday started with the worst news. After taking a cup of tea and sit on the sofa and thinking.shutterstock_184279601.jpg


What is the most reason the man became a wolf, and without fear of raping a child, a lot’s of thought is surrounding in my head? But I was got one point, which is maybe the reason to make man wolf.
There is lots of other reason but I want to talk about only that reason.

01:- He watched the child pornography and liked the screaming of child and felt the pleasure is about pained and screaming.

That’s can be a reason, as a human being unnatural thing most effect of thoughts, and the thoughts become an action. Why the world allowed child pornography on the internet, Why everyone gets very easy access to it, why this gang is growingdownload.jpg

very fast in our society, why pornography has a huge number of audiences, why pornography showing the women as objective and man as a wolf, why most of the porn actress showing they love pain during sex and screaming, they teaching the society without pain mean no pleasure.

I can understand, the question I raised above, peoples who liked and loved that’s culture they blame me about my upbringing, they called sex is natural. I agree sex is natural but the type of that sex is called unnatural/ violent and human body effect lots and ex-porn star interviews are agreed with my questions.

So what is the solution?
Lots of suggestion can get around you, but actually, everyone has to think first and understand I’m human.download (1).jpg

When you understand the human category, there is no way you ever think for rape. Evan a mental human also has one sense which is always working, he never eat steel, he feel the pain, he has emotions. So stopwatch pornography and sexual boost videos, if you can’t at least you have to stop watching unnatural, painful, humiliation & child sex pornography. Install the software in your PC/Mobile to don’t get the access for those videos and try to found the love (life partner) discuss your condition with him/her. So have to stop thinking about all disgust things.
Try to involve you in a social gathering, avoid to watch maid48353-v4-728px-Get-Your-Husband-to-Stop-Looking-at-Porn-Step-7.jpgobile/TV alone. Involve you in social activities and exercise.

Also, you need to take treatment from a psychologist and don’t ashamed of yourself, the best thing to control yourself.



That’s I have some points to build a healthy, respectful and safe society if you do not agree then leave the comments.

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