New Year Goal 2019

Everybody has a Goal for the new year, but most of the people’s have been failed. The problem is they don’t know how to set the Goal and how to achieve.

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How to choose the Goal?

You have to understand every thoughts and wish isn’t your Goal, Your Goal must according to your ability and under your skills. Most of the time we go wrong to set a goal, and the goal is very far from our range. I can understand you heard some stories and some motivational speakers, where they mentioned nothing is impossible, YOU CAN DO IT & BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF etc. …
I don’t disagree with them but every ring is not fit in every finger.

You are the best judge of yourself and you knowdownload (2) better yourself than others want you to do. Choose your goal according to your skills, abilities, circumstance, timing, health condition & Etc. when you aware and understand to select the goal, then the next step is how to achieve?
How to achieve the Goal?
Achieving the goal isn’t need a big theory, you can deal with it easily because you had chosen a goal which is under your range and ability.

Example:  You want to published 50 videos on YouTube in a year, so divide 50 /12 = 4.16, So every month you need to publish at least 04 videos at end of year total published videos will be 48, which is good and almost close to a goal.
This formula will unload the pressure and you feel comfortable, which is most important. because you know how much work you need for a week, a week will plus in month and month will plus in a year.
Special Note
Don’t set an extraordinary goal which you ca n’t achieve, Is better to choose an ordinary achievable goal. At end of this year you will regret because you had chosen an extraordinary goal, but actually, you were an ordinary player. The goal path isn’t in your control, you had chosen it’s only because you saw and heard others from last year (who choose that goal and they go success). Secondly, you set an ordinary goal and you achieved at end of the year. Which option you choose? of course you chose the goal which under your command.
Don’t try to jump, Try to take baby steps.

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