Mother Wants & Our Priority- Don’t Be Late

Cleaners were cleaning the floor and the two other maids were busy in kitchens to making meals, Drivers are laughing in a garden and Gatekeeper had been talking on the phone.

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An old woman has been on the bed from last 06 months, she has been weakening day by day and Doctor advising her please take the medicine, But the old woman strict with one word only “Where is my Son”.

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Nurses are talking about the old woman’s son. Both are very excited because they will see the first time her son (Rich man of the City), today he’s coming to see his mother.

The sudden silence in the house, the Gatekeeper opened the main door, and a huge luxury car enters in the House. drivers are running from the garden and standing beside the cars.

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In the moments the zoo changed in peace land. Only one sound is surrounding, the sound of shoes – TAK TAK TAK TAK.

Rich Man enters in his Mother Room?

Hi Doctor,

Rich Man: How is she now (My Mother)?

Doctor: She’s not taking medicine also, she has not been co-operating with us.

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Mother: recognizing the voice of his son, and saying my SON “MY SON” trying to open the eyes to see son, today his son here after a long time. She is controlling her emotions and try to sit but she has forgotten about her condition, she can’t siting from last sixth month. Son is so busy with business and also went for long holidays with his wife and children’s.

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Rich man to Mother loud and shouting:

Why you are not taking medicine & why you do not cooperate with doctors, you know? how much I pay to the doctor and nurses only for your care.

Mother: Talking to his son in very low sound and doing some signs.

Rich Man: Aunty, come here and see what she wants, I can’t understand her.

Old Aunty: My beloved Son, what do you not understand? What she want from you.

But I had Still remembered, when you were a child but she has been understand your crying, your signs and your every expression.

Mother to Aunty: Some signs with hands.

Aunty: She wants you to sit beside her for some moments, she wants to look you are before dying.


Rich Man: All out from this room, You too Doctor. Just went on the bed and sit with his mother, but the mother breath was broken and she is no more. Rich man to Aunty: I have a billion dollar, I have servants, employees and clients. Everyone wants to meet me, Every Media want my interview, What I don’t have?

Aunty: Sorry my beloved son, You are too late now. You have not time for your family especially your old mother.

The Rich Man Crying so said the golden world. Which is useless for him but for us a life quote.

Please take care of your old parents, They never ask money from you unless they haven’t any other option.

They only looking for your love and care. Respect your parents before you too late.

***love your mother before it’s too late***

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