You want Bride, Respect Your elders,

After a very long wait finally, the day has come, when the “SALU” going to marry.


The salu parents found a beautiful bride and both families were agree for this wedding. The date is final and the next week will be the wedding ceremony. But at the last moment, the bride family put one condition in front of the groom family. If you fulfill this condition then we will send our daughter with your son. otherwise, this wedding will be cancelled.

The Groom parents were shocked and thinking, what possibly condition would be? The bride parents put a un-logical condition in front of them and the condition was, no older man would be allowed to join the wedding ceremony. The groom family were shocked because according to the groom family tradition, All Older men would be sitting in front row and they would give blessing to newly couple for a happy life.


The groom family have to agree on this condition because they have found a perfect bride for his son. So they have to agree with them and going back to start the wedding arrangements.

The day has come when the groom and his family/relative will officially bring the bride at home but the groom grandfather was very Stubborn, he insists would go with them at any condition to attend the wedding ceremony or nobody will go to bring the bride.


If the groom family would take the grandfather, then the bride family will cancel the wedding according to their condition, IF not so grandfather will not allow his grandson to marry.   Everyone must follow the grandfather because of the family head no one can go deny. So they are not understand what to do in this situation.

So the grandfather give idea, take me in a bag I will saw the wedding ceremony from bag. They carry the grandfather in a big bag and take promises, he will not come out. all are happily leave the home and start the journey toward the bride house. at the middle of the journey, they had received one message from bride family and that’s one another condition.


Everyone stopped and think what to do now because this time to fulfil the condition is impossible. The condition is, backside of bride home there is one canal with water flow, if the groom family have arrange the milk and flow in the canal replace of water then the bride will be yours. Now everyone upset and start believing the wedding would be cancelled.


Someone called if the wedding is cancelled, so keep him out from the bag, there is no point to keep him inside the bag, he is in trouble. The Grandfather come out from bag and asking what happen, someone told him the bride family new condition.

Grandfather in very confident mode and telling, so what. Everyone are looking to the grandfather face, and asking. Do you understand what is it means? In the canal they want milk flow. Grandfather start laughing and said, send message to the bride family, we have arranged the milk and you just need to empty the canal from water so we can flow the milk in the canal.


When this message received to bride family, they tell someone let’s go and check. Because they discussing with each other and said that’s not possible they are without an elder man. Only an elder man can reply in this situation.

The Grandfather seen the bride family is coming toward them he hide himself in bag again, After searching they don’t find any older man along with them, then the bride family canceled  their second condition. So the wedding ceremony happily completed and the bride received a huge welcome in the husband house from his older relative.


so moral of the story, we need to respect our elders, because they are had been experienced and they know how to face every challenges.  we can read it but we can’t experience it. experience come with time.


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