Heart Touching I Son Letter to Mother I Hindi/Urdu

A Son shares the story of his mother struggles when I

was coming to the world she suffered lots of pain, only to show the beautiful world to me, almost she’s returned from died life.            images (2)

but the suffering wasn’t ended there, she had been sleepless every night, she always took care of me and wouldn’t sleep perfectly, she thought possibly cried or hungry.


download (11).jpg

when I became little old and started schooling, she always woke up early and gave a shower and ready me for school, then she starts cleaning all my clothes and room  and making lunch for me after she done everything then waiting for me when I return from school, she never thought for herself to keep ready her self at the age of 26 she looks like 36.

She always keeps ready my lunch before I arrived, after lunch, she started to play with me like a child. because she didn’t want to leave me alone or maybe I go out of the home and did something wrong that’s she always with me.

download (16).jpgWhen I was complete the education and got a job, my MOM  was very happy because today I achieved something so far, behind this success only my mother prayers, sacrifices and her hard work, then I got married, and was so busy with work and left the country and go to another country for a bright future. 

I forgot I left someone behind, the time was going and one day I realised, Have Wife, Children, Clients and successful business, what I don’t have?

download (17)

Soi saw my children they hugged with their mother (my wife). then realised haven’t Mom.

so I picked the telephone and call on my home number but nobody responded my call, I didn’t see back and packed the bags and returned to the home country when I was arrived and saw everything has been changed.

then I looked at myimages (35).jpg home which is like a  tumbled-down building, A Old man trying to to look at me with weak eyes, I identified that’s my father, I run and hug him and asked where is my mother? He indicates me with a finger a far one grave, there’s your mother.


Crying:  very late, It’s too late want hug to my mom but I can’t, I do the only thing “regrets”. 

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